Wallflower Revision Peru + Burundi

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Burundi - Ruhora

Our Wallflower revisions are always something we look forward to, and this one is standing very true to its name.

Presenting two washed Bourbon lots – one from Burundi, the other from Peru – this edition of Wallflower boasts malty notes with vanilla bean, red currant and bergamot. Deliciously fruity when black, but sweet & complex through milk.

15 Small Holder Producers make up this lot from Los Santos in the San Jose del Alto district in the Province of  Jaen. Immediately after harvesting the ripe cherries go through a floatation process to clean and remove the floaters. Very early the next morning the cherries are de-pulped without the presence of water then placed into bags to ferment before being washed before drying for 15 – 20 – days.

Why we love this recent revision – We’re loving the complexity it brings, either as a black or with milk. That perfumed bergamot sits nicely on the nose while the vanilla bean and red currant linger from start to finish. #clarkstcoffee