Mastermind Revision Brazil + Colombia

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This Mastermind seasonal change combines a mixed variety of washed lots from Small Holder Producers in Narino that surround the Galeras Volcano in Colombia, with a Pulp Natural processed Red & Yellow Bourbon from the Conesol Farm in Campos Altos, Brazil – run by Antonio & Lindalva de Oliverira.

A family run business, Antonio & Lindalva have now passed passed day-to-day operations onto their sons : Peiro, Stefano and Paulo. Quality and productivity are the hallmarks of Antonio & Lindalva’s business – evident in every sip of our current Mastermind revision.

We love this blend for it’s super smooth mouthfeel – making it almost too easy to drink – that perfectly complements the complexities of orange & raspberry, with a lingering, rounded mouthfeel of white chocolate. #clarkstcoffee