Staff Brew Methods - The Plunger

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Staff Brew Methods - The Plunger

The Plunger or French Press brew method has been around forever. The coffee is brewed without pressure, with water at approx. 95degrees – so just off boiling.

The great thing is you probably have one in your cupboard, and there will definitely be one at the AirBNB, if we ever get to travel again. All you need is ground coffee and a kettle!

I like the way you can play around with the amount of ground coffee and water temperature to control the intensity of the brew.

It’s also versatile, so you can get a good (although very different) result from an espresso blend or a single origin filter roast.

I recently brewed the Ethiopia Worqa Chalbesa filter roast at home, following the instructions on our Home Brewing page. 

The brew was sweet with floral and tropical fruit notes, acidity was muted but pleasant. Not as clean as other methods but overall a delicious black coffee!

Melissa Floreani – Founder of Clark St Coffee

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