Ricardo and Leonardo Tavares are the producers at Matilde Farm, they cultivate Red and Yellow Catuai, Yellow Bourbon, Geisha, and Arara using natural, pulped natural, honey, and washed processing methods. Matilde Farm’s location in a mountainous region blending Cerrado and Rainforest vegetation supports rich biodiversity and distinctive coffee profiles. The farm prioritises sustainability and community support through initiatives such as “Instituto Solidario.”

Santa Maria in Colombia’s Huila department, known as Altos de Maria, thrives amidst mountains. Supported by a robust coffee economy, the region benefits from rich biodiversity and ideal soils for growing Caturra, Colombia, Castillo coffee varieties on small 3 to 5 hectare farms. Producers are embracing sustainability with reduced chemical use and improved soil management through analysis, ensuring a family-centric approach that guarantees high-quality, sustainable coffee production well into the future.

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Altos De Maria

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