Advanced Latte Art with Jeffrey Johnston (USA)

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Advanced Latte Art with Jeffrey Johnston (USA)


This month we are hosting our first Advanced Latte Art Workshop with guest instructor Jeffrey Johnston (USA).

Jeffrey Johnston is a professional latte artist, barista trainer and consultant from the USA. Currently based in Melbourne, his passion for coffee and latte art brings people together from all across the world with his frequent international travel schedule, prolific social media and the World Latte Art Facebook Group.

Jeffrey runs a very hands-on class where everyone has a workstation and gets one-on-one guidance during this small workshop.

This workshop covers advanced techniques and is for baristas with existing latte art experience. It is expected that students can already execute basic rosettas, tulips and hearts.

For those baristas who haven’t yet developed strong latte art basics, we will be starting a Foundation Latte Art Workshop in the coming months.

REGISTER ONLINE for the Advanced Latte Art Workshop with Jeffrey Johnston, Tuesday 30th May 5:30-9:30pm.

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