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Brazil Cupping Event

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Cupping Event with producer from Fazenda Espigao (Brazil) – 3rd April 2019 (5-8pm) at the Public Coffee Bar.REGISTER NOW

Killian Blumstein-Jones Head Roaster at Clark St Coffee

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Head Roaster Killian Blumstein-Jones talks about roasting at Clark St Coffee. WATCH NOW

Founder & Owner Melissa Floreani on coffee

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Clark St Coffee Roasters’s founder and owner Melissa Floreani talks about her history in coffee. WATCH NOW

Origin Talk + Public Cupping Event with Luiz (Brazil)

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Origin Talk + Public Cupping Event with Luiz from Fazenda California (Brazil) Clark St Coffee, Condesa Co.Lab and Capricornio Coffee are proud to announce a special origin talk and public cupping event with Luiz Roberto Saldanha Rodrigues from Fazenda California to co-incide with Melbourne Coffee Week and MICE 2018. Luiz…

Advanced Latte Art with Jeffrey Johnston (USA)

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REGISTER ONLINE This month we are hosting our first Advanced Latte Art Workshop with guest instructor Jeffrey Johnston (USA). Jeffrey Johnston is a professional latte artist, barista trainer and consultant from the USA. Currently based in Melbourne, his passion for coffee and latte art brings people together from all across…

Origin Talk Event + Cupping (Luiz Saldanha Rodrigues, Brazil)

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REGISTER ONLINE Wednesday 29th March 2017 at 5:30pm 73 Crown St, Richmond VIC 3121 Come and join us for an Origin Talk Event and Cupping with Luiz Saldanha Rodrigues from Capricornio Coffees and Fazenda California, Brazil. Luiz is an agronomist, Q-grader, head exporter of Capricornio, owner of Fazenda California in…

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